Holiday Care

Are you going away and in need of a safe place for your pet to stay? 

Are you looking for someone that will provide your pet with quality and attention while you are away? Well you need look no further, bring them along to Animal Mania Pet Hotel, based in Worcester, West Midlands, and we will guarantee your pet will be having as much fun as you are.

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are housed in our luxury accommodation with adequate wind and rain protection. Exercise will be provided on a daily basis in the exercise areas, which are both safe and secure. 

Fresh hay is provided at all times, as this is the most important part of a Rabbits and Guinea Pigs diet. Fresh vegetables are provided on a daily basis, these may include carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage. 

All owners are required to provide their pets usual dry food, as there are so many available and a sudden change may cause a drastic upset to their stomachs. If your pet has any special dietary requirements they will be catered for.  

Birds, Rodents, Ferrets and other small animals are also very welcome, they will be asked to arrive in their own accommodation. 

Advanced booking is recommended. And viewing is encouraged.