Teddy Bears Picnic


This is an ideal party for younger children. Two of our team will attend the venue of your choice before the guests arrive. On arrival every child will be presented with a cute and cuddly teddy bear which is theirs to keep and take home at the end of the party.

Party games will then begin. During pass the parcel each child will get to open a layer of paper and inside there will be a small gift and a plain white T-Shirt which will fit their teddy bear perfectly. The T-shirts will then be decorated by each child using, jewels, fabric pens and other items. We then hang the T-Shirts up to dry so that once they are dry the children can pop them onto their teddies.

Picnic blankets are set out and special cakes and drinks are served for teddies and children, or if you choose the full catering option we will have a table set for you and food will be given out.

After food we then have enough time for a couple more games before the children meet the animals. You can choose 3 of our animals to join the party, just ask us for options, we have cuddly animals as well as our reptiles.

After the animals the birthday boy or girl will then get a birthday present and each bear will be given its very own birth certificate.

We can also supply party bags and other party items if you so wish :)